Bespoke artwork for Hansu-Tori

I was approached by Birmingham based Jazz band Hansu-Tori to create a design for their new album.

‘An Improvised Escape’ is the latest studio album from Hansu-Tori. This new material represents a deeper understanding between the band and an increased flexibility in their approach to music making. This is reflected not only in the compositions, but in the diverse and extended line-up of musicians who feature on the disc.

The Korean term ‘Hansu’ means ‘water’. Specifically Hansu represents strength, flexibility, harmony and water as the source of life. ‘Tori’ is the Japanese word for ‘bird‘. It can be thought to represent freedom and grace. Using this as a basis for the concept, I explored hand drawn illustrations and typography, working with photography by Iza Korsak.

The band’s music has been featured on BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio WM, Jazz FM and UK jazz radio.