Creating: Christmas cards 2018

Greens, golds & plants of course.

It’s been a couple of years since I made my own Christmas cards so this year I set aside some time for my own personal project. Something to create for myself, by myself — to share with loved ones. A full stationery set by Claire Hartley LTD.

Miraculously, between kitchen renovations and quite a hectic Autumn calendar, I managed to have myself my very own festival botanical design. In October… amazing. It felt so good to be so organised (as personal work is always at the bottom of the pile) so I went a bit wild and printed cards, notebooks and totes. The full shebang!

Following a luscious green theme I went for a sexy gold foil block on the Christmas cards and a digital print on the A5 notebooks. Both pieces of print were on GF Smith Colorplan in shades Racing Green and Park Green. I love using GF Smith stocks, so many beautiful options and colours that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). For the foiling I used a trusty FoilCo metallic gold and love that these are 100% recyclable too.

Whilst we all try to be more mindful of plastic and waste it felt very apt to design a reusable 100% cotton tote too. My fabric suppliers are so brilliant so it was such a pleasure working with them on this (it was their idea to go edge-to-edge which I’m so thrilled we did!).

All wrapped up and ready to send out as gifts to my clients, friends and family. The Post Office are going to hate me! Will reveal more pics soon, and perhaps maybe, one day, sometime, I’ll create a little online shop. We’ll see.

Merry Christmas xx

UPDATE: So lovely to see them in the wild and receive all your lovely messages!