Paper Love

As a designer, I love print and all things considered. So this post is about paper, and paper only (read on if you wish).

The craft of making things, traditional and modern techniques, combined with most of all – the attention to detail, are all things I recognise and appreciate on a day to day basis.

I missed out on the GF Smith Beauty of the Making exhibition last month, which delved into the history of paper and its process with a series of talks and workshops in London. I was a little gutted to have missed out, but earlier in the week I received some delightful little treats to make up for my absence, – so I thought i’d share the love…


The first little wonder, entitled Play, is an intriguingly bound folder that opens from both sides to reveal two saddle stitched publications. The encasing folder is made up from two sheets of Colorplan (Park Green and Candy Pink shades), that interlock with each other very cleverly! Boasting itself upon ‘an intriguing exercise in paper engineering’, it certainly allured / confused me! The publication examines The Seven Methods of Contrast in Colour – exploring the impact of juxtaposition shades, the balance of harmonious tones and complementary hues. The two booklets traverse these theories with a cheeky bit of sexy die cutting too.

If you were to ever see my notebook you’d have thought it was owned by a 7 year old old. I think I forgot how to write when I received my first Macbook on my 18th birthday. So you’ll understand why I might be keeping this next treasure note free. The Colorplan Notebook showcases all 50 (yes, 50!) of the Colorplan shades in a very functional (and aesthetically open bound) A5 format. It’s thoughtfully produced with tab references to make colour pairing even more convenient. Lovely.