Soul Boats

A collaboration with artist Jake Lever to create a community-based installation celebrating Birmingham Cathedral's 300th birthday.

Jake Lever is a Birmingham based artist and his practice encompasses drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture, often involving site specific installations. His work is inspired by a diverse range of sources and he is currently investigating the image of the boat, a powerful visual metaphor for our journey through life.

SoulBoats_Illustration2 SoulBoats_Illustration4 SoulBoats_Illustration1

Soul Boats is a large scale art project to celebrate Birmingham Cathedral’s 300th anniversary. Jake approached me to help him design and create a printed template that would invite communities to customise their own boat that would hang in a flotilla style installation which will be suspended in the cathedral.

SoulBoats-installation3 SoulBoats-installation1

People of all ages across the city took part in creating their individual design on the inside of their boats. 2,000 golden boats were decorated and hung in the cathedral. In this installation the soulful interiors are hidden from view as private three-dimensional reflections.

With thanks to Beant Sing, Tobias Benjamin Lever and Phill Banting for their event and installation photography.