Sleepy Ferragudo

On the search for the last of summer sun... a trip to Ferragudo, a sleepy little fishing village on the Algarve.

Ferragudo is a sleepy little fishing village on the Algarve. We wanted some sun and nothing more than a nice hotel and nearby beach. It ticked all those boxes. Having been to Albufeira and Villamoura before, I did wonder if Ferragudo was as quaint as I’d read, and it really was.

Ferragudo-3 Ferragudo-72

Ferragudo boasts a lack of English tourists, fish bowl cocktails or screaming children. Which we liked. More likely you’ll be surrounded laid back, cultured and slightly more matured continental types who are more than comfortable with neat whisky and a ciggie at 9am. Europeans eh!

Ferragudo-2 Ferragudo-4

‘Twas beautiful, unspoilt and had a real local feel. We’ll most certainly be going back…

Ferragudo-6 Ferragudo-82