Letterform Live

I love food and I love typography so when Grafik announced the next Letterform Live event would be combining the two I got a little excited!

Last nights talk was on FOOD and held at Protein Space round the corner from my studio with designers discussing their favourite food-related letterforms. Hosted in partnership with Monotype, Letterform Live is a series of talks inspired by one of their columns that’s been running since 2005… the year I started university! For each event they invite different guest speakers to chat for 10 minutes about their chosen letterform linked to the chosen subject of the event. This was the first one I’d been to and thoroughly enjoyed it (free wine — of course I enjoyed it), so I thought I’d share a few of the images we were shown…

Paul Webb (co-founder of Barnes & Webb beehive rental company…look it up!) delved into the Sainsburys packaging archives and shared some of these nostalgic designs. I’m a little too young to remember these on the supermarket shelves but hats off Sainsburys in-house design studio (1962-1977) — nice work!


The estimated sign, ℮, is a mark you’ll find next to the net weight on pre-packed goods in Europe, it kind of looks like a lower-case ‘e’. The little mark certifies the actual contents comply with specified criteria for weight estimation and it’s something I’ve become quite familiar with during recent food packaging design projects. Tom Foley from Dalton Maag chose it as his letterform and explored the character and its usage.



Alison Haigh, a designer at Wolff Olins, chose an Ampersand — the Fortnum & Mason ampersand to be precise… but not as we know it today! She dipped into the store archives to share some of their delightful yet weird mailers. I really wish I could share with you, and I did tweet Alison after the event to ask but unfortunately she needed permission to share on the web.

Next event theme is Architecture. More info on the Grafik Eventbrite.