A little tour of my East London studio

Delighted to have my very own studio space in Bethnal Green so here's a little behind-the-scenes tour...

I’ve been in my new East London design studio over 9 months now so I thought it was about time it made a debut on the journal. I’ve always dreamed of having my own studio space, a place to call my own – so I’m thrilled to announce my new home in Containerville. We are nestled between Bethnal Green and Broadway Market, just off the canal so the perfect commute from my home in Leyton via the Olympic and Victoria Park  – which is a beautiful cycle on a summer day.

The studio is old shipping container (I do wonder where it’s travelled to over the years) and we’re on the new site (that’s currently still a building site) but it’s a lovely little community of small business owners who we’re gradually getting to know. Rumour has it they’ll be opening a Containerville food court soon and Ozone Coffee Roasters has just conveniently opened up in the building opposite us. When searching for the perfect space (I must’ve seen maybe 30 studios in East London, eek) my prerequisite was that there must be space for large desks, a sofa-chill-out-area, a kitchenette and an abundance of plants – all our which we’ve somehow managed… hurrah!

Having run my little design business for 7 years now I’ve collected a lot of stuff over that time. Whether paper samples, heaps of sketchbooks, the abundance of Pantone swatches or final packaging pieces – it’s so nice to have a permanent space to display my works. I feel so organised!

Our kitchen is stocked with organic teas from my client Nipper & Co and alcoholic beverages from my client Hogan’s Cider.

I share the space with Gav – a stategy designer, and Dan – a graphics lead. There’s still some little things to do but we love that it’s been growing organically as I really do believe you need to live in a space first to understand it’s flow, the light and how you use the space.

Thank you to the wonderful Tara Liondaris for taking these beautiful behind the scenes photos for us.