New brand & new site!

It’s been a long time coming but I’m delighted to launch all of the new things for my brand this week.

It’s been nearly a year since I incorporated my little business and last October marked three years of self employment. Being a designer, it’s often hard to prioritise your own work and until now I’d rarely invested time in myself or my personal brand. Previous websites showed old projects, my to-do list of new content got bigger and bigger, and considering I created brand identities for a living — my own was pretty much non-existent.

I’m all for collaboration and decided it was probably about time to reach out for some help! My other half Gavin Auty works with brands to align their positioning and help them discover their purpose, meaning and values. He supported me to develop my ideas and bounce around concepts — I’m eternally grateful for his patience and strategic brain. I owe him many beers.


For the web side of things, it was an obvious choice to partner with talented friend (& previous co-worker at Substrakt) Ryan Dean-Corke. We’d worked on projects together before and he just ‘get’s me’, which made the process super smooth and allowed him to bring so many great ideas to the table. He’s recently set up his own business under the alias Glass and I couldn’t recommend him enough. Thanks buddy.

So, what’s it all about I hear you say?

I wanted a site that was a true representation of me and everything I love. A space to showcase my work, a place to document my adventures and somewhere potential clients could visit to learn more about my process.


It began with some mood boards, an idea of what my offering was and some rough concepts of how I could portray it all. I needed an identity that was clean, simple and unobtrusive. My previous logo was a simple word mark in a capitalised sans serif font, it was nice but it wasn’t me. I wanted something brighter, approachable and most importantly — handmade.

I’ve always had a huge love for neon signs and after visiting the Neon Museum in Vegas my admiration for the craft grew. It’s one of the only manufacturing processes left that requires a manual skill, and I like that. Inspired by the glass tube lettering I repeatedly sketched out my name with monoline strokes and curves, creating a signature style logo for my brand.


Like neon signs, I wanted colour. And a small glance of my work pages will suggest I’m not afraid to use it. I liked the idea of each project having its own hue and my logo adopting each of these colours to represent the partnerships with my clients. The homepage would bring them all together for an animated gradient of loveliness.

What’s next?

To ultimately do more of what I love; design, illustration and adventures.

  • Working alongside Gav we are in the midst of a total rebrand for Hogan’s Cider. Based in the Malvern Hills, founder Allen has been making cider for 25 years and been in business for the last 10 of those. We are giving the identity a total overhaul to position them as the no 1 independent cider brand in the UK.
  • Following the success of the Hush chocolate collection they’ve asked me to elevate their home fragrance range with all new packaging. We are currently working on hand drawn illustrations and repeat prints inspired by the fragrances and will be launching over the coming months.
  • Lastly, travel has always been a huge passion of mine. Whether it’s a London neighbourhood I’m yet to discover, the vibrant culture of Barcelona, or road tripping through California… I hope 2016 is filled with many more explorations and good food.