Interviewed by Roomin

A sneak peek behind the scenes at my London abode, recently featured on Roomin — an interior design platform providing daily doses of inspiration.

Founded in Belgium, is platform curated by a European team who handpick interiors that are inspirational rather than aspirational. Their photographers and storytellers capture their own ideas and angles to feature on the site and as it’s entirely dedicated to interior design, it makes easy to browse photos according to your favourite colour, room or style. When you like what you see, you can do save it to ‘My Room’ for future reference.

I was super excited when Julie Donckers from their team got in touch about featuring my home on the platform. I invited Julie round to my Stokey abode and below are the words and images from her feature, all courtesy of Roomin.


Plants bring life to your room and make it feel like home, but finding a balance is key.

Julie: You can’t look past the current plant-mania, but you have to admit that it is quite a challenge to prevent your home from looking like a jungle. Although Claire does own a fair amount of plants, it all feels very balanced. Playing with different heights and textures gives the space that finishing touch. Even her ceramic cactus by Serax plays a part in this harmony of plants.

Claire: If ever there’s an awkward or open space, I just fill it with a plant and it immediately looks better. The fireplace was a prime example of this approach… for ages I was stuck on what to put in there (although a log burner would’ve been nice!)


Flowers are perfect to match your room to the season: from red berries in Winter to yellow flowers during Spring.

Claire: Making a room feel like home is all in the details. My house is a collection of things I’ve picked up over the years and everything has it’s own little place.

Julie: In every corner of this lovely flat in Stoke Newington you will find a pot or accessory, most of them with some flowers or plants.


Finding a classic piece of furniture for a bargain isn’t always a given, but it is a great feature piece in any living room.

Claire: One of my favourite pieces in the house is our mid-century sideboard, which we bought on eBay a few years back. We’d seen many styles like this on several Scandinavian blogs and really wanted one for own own home.

Julie: Due to the current demand for furniture from that decade, mid century pieces can be quite expensive and hard to find. Claire took her chances on eBay and found an old couple selling their furniture, including this gorgeous sideboard.


Combining the minimalistic style of the North with with a set of bright colours to add some personality.

Julie: Although Claire loves the Scandinavian minimal style, she couldn’t give up her love for colour. Her favourite colour accents are yellow and grey. She tries to find a balance between adding colour and accessories to her interior. Each item has a story, from pots brought back from her trip to Marrakech to a plate by an illustrator she admires.

Claire: I’ve been colour-coding my books for years too. A librarians worse nightmare!


Prints make or break a space, Hey Studio offers a set of colourful and modern prints to brighten up your room.

Julie: Claire had been following a Barcelona based design studio called Hey Studio for a while now. Besides having an inspiring portfolio, they also sell amazing prints on their website. So when Claire had to find a print for their previous flat, she immediately knew where to look for it. These cute penguins have been moving flats together with Claire and her other half ever since.


Grey is a great colour to mix with soft colours. This particular combination creates a relaxed and balanced room.

Claire: All of the walls already had colour on when my partner and I moved in. At first I was a bit worried the grey in the bedroom would be a little dark as we only have a small window too!

Julie: By adding dark wood furniture and soft colours Claire created a very balanced and soothing room. She chose to repeat the yellow from the living room as the featured colour in this bright bed cover.


Colourful boxes are a great way to create more storage without making a space look cluttered.

Julie: This small bedroom doesn’t give Claire a lot of options to store clothes. That’s why she chose to use the space on top of her closet to add extra color accents. These boxes are the perfect combination of playfulness and functionality. To make the room more cosy she added cotton ball fairy lights.

Claire: In the evening I love to read a book in bed with these fairy lights on, it makes the room really cosy and perfect to relax.


Sometimes you need to work with what you got, especially when you rent. Claire decided to use the tiles as inspiration for her kitchen utilities.

Julie: While viewing the flat for the first time Claire fell in love with the pastel tiles in the kitchen. To respect the kitchen’s style she added details that remind her of a mid-century design, while still playing with soft colours to match the tiles.

Claire: I have such a soft spot for Orla Kiely, her patterns and colours always pop up somewhere in a room.


Displaying colour ceramics on open shelves brightens up your kitchen and gives it personality.

Julie: Open shelves in a kitchen can cause quite the dilemma, do you store something you would use every day or an item that you find pretty? For Claire the answer was simple…

Claire: Even though we don’t have that much shelving space in the kitchen we use it to showcase our colourful tapas dish collection. It would be such a shame to have them hiding at the back of a cupboard 😉


Many thanks to Roomin for the feature.