Vang Vieng on 2 wheels

Exploring the riverside town in central Laos.

We have a little cabin about 2km outside the town of Vang Vieng, surrounded by trees, animals and limestone mountains — the scenery around us is pretty special. We’re certainly at one with nature here…

Yesterday we headed out on mountain bikes to get lost in the beautiful scenery… until we were quickly disheartened by the 29 degree heat, gravel pit roads (not featured in photos) and Gav’s really dodgy bike. We discovered Sae Lao restaurant, a wonderful social enterprise in Nathong Village who donate all of their profits to local education. Using local and organic produce from their farm to prepare traditional Lao food and nutritious fruit shakes… we actually went back again today too! Delicious, friendly and a wonderful cause! 

Venturing into the town we crossed a rickety bamboo bridge with kids literally flinging themselves into the river. I admire their braveness! The town is a bit backpacker central, so we’re glad to stay just outside the town… close enough to stroll in for a beer, but far enough out to feel the wilderness. As the sun set over the river it was really dreamy with the mountain silhouettes in the distance.  Albeit it pitch black on the walk home!

Today we were awoken by roosters at 4am!! So early! We decided to hire a motorbike today instead. Our first destination of the day was Pha Ngeun and it only took us about 30mins to climb the mountain but oh boy it was hard work! Super steep — it was a mixture of rock climbing / sections of soil paths / balancing on tree roots… but hurrah we did it! The views were amazing and it certainly was some good exercise too.