The Natural Consultation

A botanical identity for a nutrition, naturopathy and wellness practice.

Dr. Laure Hyvernat was born and raised in the French countryside surrounded by nature and her love of botanicals and natural medicine developed during her pharmacy studies. She spent 7 years developing strategies to overcome the burden of chronic disease which shaped her vision towards health, to which The Natural Consultation was born – on the belief that unhealthy diets and stressful lives are at the bottom of many health problems.

With a holistic approach, Laure’s consultations empower patients to take control of their own wellbeing through healthy diet and a clean lifestyle. Her personalised prescriptions include botanical ingredients (medicinal plants, homeopathy, aromatherapy) with evidence-based nutrition. Each protocol is unique and natural so the brand identity needed to balance both science and nature.

With a focus on health and wellbeing, the identity needed to feel simple and pure. Hand drawn illustrations reinforce the personal approach and reconnecting with nature. The soothing palette of pinks and greens adds a dose of calmness within busy lives.