Nipper & Co

A playful identity for a herbal tea brand supporting women's health. Organic blends for preconception, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause.

Nipper & Co use the finest botanicals to create delicious teas helping women reconnect with the power of nature. Each blend has been expertly blended to support each stage of womanhood from preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding, to PMS, menopause and sleep.

Founded by Marina – a woman, mother and scientist in Medicinal herbs, Nipper & Co was created on the back of her personal experience of motherhood and her studies as an agronomist. Blending traditions of herbal teas from her home country Croatia with her knowledge of natural remedies.

The brand identity and packaging is playful, each product having a unique pattern and colour pairing. Charming illustrations and witty copy add a touch of humour designed to put a smile on faces. From invigorating pick-me-ups made to supercharge the mind, body and soul, to rescue remedies for mamma’s and their growing broods — blends are created to support all stages of womanhood from pregnancy to nursing, energy to relaxation, PMS and menopause.

Product photography by Yeshen Venema and styled by Emma Shipley.